A New World, A New Adventure

Polar bear trap

This has been a very long day. Full of travel and anticipation. We all left Winnipeg very early this morning. We took a small jet to Churchill, and I was able to capture a gorgeous sunrise over the Canadian province. That was the last I saw of the sun all day. When we landed in Churchill, the rains came and stayed. Along with the howling winds, sleet, and wet snow.

We spent a good chunk of the day in Churchill proper, visiting different shops and museums. We also stopped at the post office and got our passports stamped with a special polar bear emblem. I also got to visit the Polar Bear Jail. This is where they capture the bears that come into town by luring them into a cylindrical cage. Dead seal is used as bait. Once captured, the bears are sedated and put into a cell for about a month. Then they TMre released into the wild, hopefully to stay away from the city area.

By mid-afternoon, we took a buggy across the rough terrain to the compound we are staying at called Tundra Buggy Lodge. The buggies are like big school busses on top of very large tires. The compound itself is made up of a handful of buggies attached to each other. One buggy contains the kitchen, one is an entertainment area, and the other ones are the sleeping quarters.

I TMm certainly hoping the weather is better tomorrow for exploration. However, I did get to see polar bears today. A mama bear and her two cubs. I also saw a papa bear too. In addition, I was able to see a very white rabbit not to mention a bird and an owl.

I just want to make a quick clarification. Norm brought this to my attention. Thanks, Norm. Technically I TMm not in the Arctic. However, the natives call it the Sub-Arctic. I TMm actually about 500 miles from the Arctic Circle itself. But with the weather we TMre having, YOU COULD HAVE FOOLED ME!

Please stand by for more.