A Quiet Sunday at The Lodge

Day 4 has been fairly uneventful. However, a male polar bear did greet us this morning as we all started our day. He roamed around outside for a while, took a nap, and then made a quiet exit. A speaker talked about how polar bears attack seals. I was also able to speak with a naturalist on-site, and he told me polar bears actually have black skin. The hair is translucent and hallow. He even told me grizzly and polar bears can inner-breed. Meanwhile, the teenage students on the trip are now making some of their presentations on the plight of polar bears. One big talker is the sudden increase of methane gas being produced in the atmosphere and the correlation of glacier melting. On a different topic. I TMve been able to use Skype for calling family and friends. Again, Skype is the software that allows you to make phone calls via the internet plus you have access to video. It TMs really the wave of the future.