Adventure: Day 5

Time sure has flown while in Manitoba. Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. And today TMs weather was certainly fitting. Gray skies and temperatures in the 30 TMs. A few flakes too. I had another live remote from the tundra on a buggy. The first one aired Friday evening during the 7pm. All the zoo ambassadors were behind me; however, Kasey Rahn stood next to me. Of course, Kasey is the local representative. The live hit went two and a half minutes. I was able to show live video of the lodge itself not to mention some taped video from yesterday showing a male bear roaming around the campground. And speaking of that, tonight after the live report, we cooked hot dogs and hamburgers. That aroma was enough to send two bears our way. One male and the other female, we think. Quite the dinner theatre!@! Saw a spectacular show of northern lights Sunday evening. This occurs when solar winds move across the electromagnetic fields of the north pole. This creates charged particles moving across the sky. Green, yellow, and red colors lit up the sky! Tuesday promises to be exciting. I TMm taking a helicopter ride across the tundra into a polar bear TMs den. Stay tuned for that!