And we're off

So far so good. I TMm blogging to you from the airport in Minneapolis. We left Detroit around 9 this morning and arrived in the Twin Cities about an hour and a half later.

Kasey Rahn, the high school senior from St. Ursula Academy, is with me on the adventure of our lives to learn all we can about polar bears. Her father escorted her to the gate in Detroit. It was a touching moment. I called family and friends and said my goodbyes too.

Kasey handled her first flight with flying colors! I TMve attached a few video clips, one of her before we took off and the other actually on the plane when the wheels lifted off the ground. At that point, Kasey didn TMt have much to say. I think she was taking it all in!

It TMs still hard to believe I TMm headed to Churchill, Canada to learn about this mighty sea bears. Again, this is considered to be the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Something tells me this experience will change my life and all the experiences that go with it.

We head to Winnipeg later today and stay there overnight. We are expected to arrive in Churchill by mid-morning Friday.

I hope everyone keeps up with me in the coming week as I take part in this special expedition. If you have any questions about what I TMm doing or where I TMm going, feel free to e-mail me at .