Anna quake proves it can happen here

W e don't normally think of the Midwest as earthquake country. But as anyone who has lived here for a few decades can tell you, the ground does get shaky sometimes.

Here in Ohio, the most active earthquake zone is around the Village of Anna, just about midway between Toledo and Cincinnati on I-75. When I worked at WHIO-TV in Dayton, I did a story there about how the Anna school house was badly damaged in a historic quake way back in 1937. They actually have film of the aftermath. Why should we care? Well, the Greenville fault line which passes through Anna, also continues north all the way to Toledo.

The fault line extends south through Cincinnati, then all the way through Kentucky to the border of Tennessee. The Greenville Fault is about half of a kilometer underground.

The quake of '37 measured 6.0, which on the logarithmic scale used for earthquakes is a lot more than today's 5.2 magnitude quake. It badly damaged the Village of Anna's school building, severely damaged every public building, and sent about 200 residents fleeing to nearby towns out of fear of more earthquakes.

It just proves that bad earthquakes could strike Toledo, too. If not tomorrow, then someday.