Cedar Point TMs newest water ride opens for the season

The newest ride at Cedar Point, Shoot the Rapids, has opened for the season.

Shoot the Rapids is Cedar Point TMs third water ride. The new thrill ride features two hills and two splash landings. The first hill is 85 feet-tall, one of the tallest water ride hills in the world, while the second hill crests 49 feet above the ground. At the bottom of the first hill, boats are traveling nearly 50 mph!

The first hill rocks, said Jeff Braschares, from Delaware, Ohio, who rode the new water ride with his wife and 9-year-old daughter. You get super wet at the bottom of the first hill!

For those that choose not to ride can also enjoy the fun, eight water geysers are located along the ride TMs meandering course. For only 25 cents, guests who want to stay dry can launch bursts of water at unsuspecting riders from an observation deck located near the bottom of the ride TMs grand finale!

For more information, visit or call the park TMs General Information Line at 419.627.2350.