Day 3 of my arctic adventure

Partly sunny

Saturday TMs weather was so much better than Friday TMs. In fact I saw a few peaks of sun. The wind was much better and the temperature seemed a bit milder. I took another ride on the Tundra Buggy and ran into (not literally) a female bear and her two cubs again. The group is now calling them MC-Squared. The one disturbing thing I noticed right away was the fact one of the cubs was carrying a piece of garbage in its mouth. It looked to be a large wrapper of sorts. How could something like this happen? Garbage in the Arctic! Another interesting item. There TMs no snow on the ground. Nothing. You would of thought by now there would be a partial covering. However, I did see a few more flakes flying in the air. I was told by a person living in Winnipeg there hasn TMt been a killing frost there either. Usually that happens the third week of September. It really makes you think. In the next few days, I TMll be taking a helicopter ride across the marshy regions of Churchill. That should be an adventure in itself. No eating at least six hours before boarding. Speak soon. M