Do drink the water!

S ometimes a fad is a good thing. And this is a fad that I hope lasts for a while. People are giving up their bottled water. And it's about time.

One of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on the American public is the notion that their public water supplies are unhealthy and that bottled water is somehow healthier. And that the more exotic the origin of the bottled water, the better.

First off, Toledo's city water is among the best tasting in the nation. That isn't just my opinion. It's the opinion of the nation's mayors in a certified, double-blind taste test announced one year ago.

Not only that. But no one has ever been shown to have gotten sick from the water here. And not just in Toledo, but in almost every city in the country.

Sure, you better not drink the water in many foreign countries. But you're safe drinking the tap water almost anyplace in the good old USA.

So don't drink that plastic bottled water. Don't use precious hydrocarbons for a few sips that you can get from the faucet. Don't fill up precious landfill space with plastic that won't degrade for millenia.

If you want to take your water with you, put it in a re-usable container. If it makes you feel better to filter it, fine. But you don't need to.

Thankfully, people are slowly getting the message.

Happy Earth Day 2008.