Final day thoughts

The time has come to say goodbye. It feels like it TMs been a long time since I TMve been here in Churchill. Last night we all said our goodbyes. The zoo ambassadors made their final presentations and put on some funny skits. There were plenty of tears and hugs. Lots of photos too.

This morning we saw two male bears sparring. Everyone was remarking how thin one of the bears looked. That TMs disturbing to me. Plus the fact there TMs no snow on the ground here and Hudson Bay isn TMt frozen. Again, those bears need the ice for hunting, for catching seals. Without it, they become weak and die.

That TMs one of the many things I TMve learned this week at PBI camp. Of course Polar Bears International is a non-profit group teaching about polar bear preservation and everything we can do to keep these bears thriving for years to come. Especially the next generation. I invite everyone to log onto to learn more and get active.

Again, a big thanks to everyone at PBI for making this happen not to mention my station. Thank you Norm and Kelly for re-arranging your schedule. And thanks to me for putting up with myself for a week in a deserted area on the tundra. Yes, I did get out a few times on the tundra buggy, and I did get to roam around the tundra for a bit on Tuesday. However, The Tundra Buggy Lodge is above ground. Remember, my feet couldn TMt touch the ground. No roaming due to bears!

It TMs time to close the chapter on this trip. But the memories and experiences will remain with me always. I took some tundra rocks as a keepsake. But I hope the memories and experiences will be more solid than those rocks. Take care polar bear!