Get Proactive with Your Health!!@!

Tony Snow and Tim Russert. Two very talented TV political commentators. They died one month apart. Two deaths way too soon. Both men in their 50's!

Tony died of colon cancer. Heart disease took the life of Tim.

Their death, unfortunate as it was, is now a wake up call for all of us. Hopefully, it teaches we can't take anything for granted. Our health, our age, our life. If your family has cancer or heart disease running rampant throughout the family tree, get proactive. Tell your doctor, get a physical every year. Do it for you, do it for future generations.

As I mentioned a few blogs ago, my cousin has lung cancer. 52-years old. Never smoked and in great health. Her father died of cancer. So did her aunt (her father's sister). Hopefully she's on the road to recovery. Please god. She had a cough for a few months that just wouldn't go away. I always wonder what she could have done to prevent all of this. Get a full body scan every year? Genetic testing?

I guess only you can answer these questions. But one thing I know. Your health is sacred. Be your own doctor. Ask questions and never stop getting the answers.