Got weather questions??? Norm Knows!

Ever wonder what isentropic upglide is?

Or maybe what a sling psycrometer is used for?

Okay...okay...maybe something simpler, like what exactly it is that makes a thunderstorm severe.

WNWO and Chief Meteorologist Norm Van Ness is giving you the opportunity to pose your weather related questions in our new on-line and on-air segment, "Norm Knows".

Simply go to the "Norm Knows" page on our website...or toss out a question for Norm on his Chief Met Norm Facebook page.

We'll answer them on-line...and a few of your questions could actually show up on WNWO News to be answered by Norm during a newscast!

Additionally...Norm's weather related ramblings, (oh, wait...we mean "blogs"), will also link directly from the "Norm Knows" web page.

And while the blogs will normally cover all things might find some other interesting things there, like Norm's award winning "Texas Flood" chili recipe! (Although, that's a closely guarded secret locked up in a safe somewhere with the recipe for original Coca Cola and the Colonel's chicken recipe).

The rest of the WNWO Weather Team will be posting in the blog section too, so there should always be something fresh and yummy for your brain to chew on.

And if we do our jobs'll come away with more "weather smarts" than you started with. Always great for impressing friends, correcting colleagues...and getting that science wedge before Uncle Hank when you play Trivial Pursuit at family gatherings!

So fire up your computer, laptop, cellular device...or even lick a stamp if you still use those. But be sure to get your questions submitted to Norm in any way, shape or form.

It's just one more way for us to let you know we've got you covered!

After all..."Norm Knows"!