Hubert in Haiti: Earthquake cleanup progress

School children in Haiti.

WE HAVE SAFELY ARRIVED IN HAITI: We arrived on Thursday morning at 11 a.m. in Port-au-Prince. I observed some progress as it relates to earthquake cleanup from my visit March 2012. Principally the Presidential Palace has been demolished (it was damaged beyond repair in the Jan. 2010 earthquake).

All earthquake debris which littered the streets of Port-au-Prince and surrounding cities one hour beyond the capital has been cleaned. The tent cities are no more and the tens of thousands of homeless people now have permanent housing once again.

Nevertheless, Port-au-Prince remains a filthy city that is vastly overpopulated. They have extremely limited public sanitation cleanup and so the streets have so much garbage. After a 6 hour drive due west we arrived in Savanette, Haiti, which is where the Missions International of America operates their clinic and school.

Internet is spotty here will try to give more reports.