Hubert in Haiti: Haitian reaction to my camera

The streets of Port-au-Prince.

THE POPULARITY OF HUBERT WIGGINS IN SAVANETTE, HAITI IS BEYOND MEASURE: I get up at 6:30 a.m. and walk the equivalent of three blocks to the bathroom that is connected to the school run by Missions International of America.

The plumbing at the house we are staying in has experienced a major malfunction. We have no running water. So it is a bit strange walking past people's houses in flip flops carrying my towel and soap.

But then again in the morning you see small children running naked in the front yard and teenage boys taking the equivalent of a bath in the front yard lathering with soap and then pouring buckets of water over themselves. It has been extremely hot all the days we have been here.

I do a lot of walking to different sections of the mission complex doing various filming and interviews. People do not have mirrors here and the children are mesmerized when I film them and play it back on their flip screen. I have a gang of elementary aged children who I hang out with at recess and we teach each other Creole and English.

All of my young friends can say "Hello my name is..." My favorite part is at night when between 20 and 30 people gather at the front porch and we have exquisite conversations that last deep into the night. It is a blessing that a few teenagers speak very good English and are able to translate. I knew this trip which be both a struggle and richly rewarding. So far it has been all that and more.

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