'Internet-use Disorder' is now an official thing

You're likely reading this on the computer...either on a website directly or linked through Facebook.

And you may...have a problem. Or at least something that warrants a closer look anyway.

According to, the new DSM, the manual that psychiatrists use to classify psychological disorders, will list "Internet-use Disorder" as a condition "recommended for further study".

Apparently, some people that spend a lot of time surfing the internet display symptoms similar to people with other, more "official" addictive disorders.

That means they think it should be studied further to determine if "Internet-use Disorder" should get a full-blown status in the DSM.

It would seem to stem from earlier looks at gaming addiction in kids. As Russia Today wrote: "Australia was one of the first countries to recognize the problem and offer public treatment, and established clinics to treat video game addiction. That such widely used technologies can cause deep harm to children has lead to further examinations of adults habits surrounding devices used 24/7 for reading, gaming, and social interactions."

Psychologist, Emil Hodzic, who runs a video game addiction treatment clinic in Sydney, told the Daily Mail he was concerned because of what he saw as growing demand from frustrated parents and damaged children.

''The most typical sign of addiction is anything that looks like withdrawal symptoms,'' he said. "So any expression of distress, frustration, irritability when they don't get to play."

He added that 70 percent of his clients were children and teenagers...and added, "A lot of kids I have coming into the clinic have difficulty in being able to tolerate distress without zoning out via the the internet or via the games".

Do you think "Internet-use Disorder" should be officially classified as an addictive disorder? Or is this just another way to medically classify bad behavior?