Let's go to the videotape

Let's face it -- it's hard to be a presidential candidate in the era of YouTube. Not only are those TV reporters constantly recording what you do, but if you're caught in a fib, the web video is up to drive the point home, again and again and again.

That happened to Hillary Clinton in her account of her visit to Bosnia in 1996. She originally said that she and her daughter, Chelsea, had to run for cover in fear of snipers. The video, shot by CBS, showed nothing of the kind. Bad enough to be caught embellishing the truth. Far worse to have it amplified on the internet video sites.

I actually can sympathise with Sen. Clinton. I, too, flew into Sarajevo, Bosnia to cover the aftermath of the war. And, indeed, there were some security concerns. But we didn't have to duck. Any time you fly into a war zone, it makes you a bit nervous. And I've been in four: Rwanda, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf.

But, like the good Senator, I've been accompanied by U.S. troops with guns each time, and they do make you feel safer. No need to pump up your resume'. The real folks in the crosshairs are our servicemembers. Let's not forget that.