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Edwina and Ozzie Relaxing

A stray showed up at my door the other week. A grey female tabby (now with the name of Edwina. ) She joins her brother, Ozzie. She's a little over one year old and is already spayed. That will happen this week. She's friendly but has a tough demeanor, especially with her new sibling. She hisses and bats at him quite often. The vet says to keep them separated as much as possible, at least for a few days, until they get used to each other.

And speaking of cats, I came across a great newsletter put out by Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine called "CatWatch." I guess this university has an excellent reputation with our furry friends. In the July edition, there's an article about items that are quite harmful to a cat. I thought I would share.

Pain killers, such as Tylenol and ibuprofen, are potentially deadly to cats. Pepto Bismol and Kaopectate contain salicyclates, similar to aspirin, and are also dangerous. Vitamins, diet pills, ADHD medicines, and cold medicine are also some no-no's, according to the experts.

In the kitchen, raisins and grapes have been found to cause kidney problems in animals. Sugarless gum containing xylitol can also pose problems. Xylitol causes a drop in blood sugar, leading to seizures and possible death. Chocolate ranks high too. It contains theobromine, which can kill cats. Tomatoes, caffeine, yeast dough, alcohol, and garlic also make the list of harmful products for cats.

There are many other household hazards, including plants and mothballs. For extensive information on poisoning in pets, see the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center's website at There's also a hotline at 888-426-4435.

If you want to learn more about "CatWatch," you can log onto or call 800-829-8893.

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