No cash for a tip? No Problem!

We've all been there.

You go into a coffee shop or maybe a local watering hole...and pay with a credit card. You get good service and feel compelled to tip. There's even a tip jar right there!

But...since most of us pay now with debit or credit cards...we don't always have cash on hand to drop in the jar.

Thanks to a man in New York...showing your gratitude could be just a swipe away.

Enter the "DipJar"...created by a man who kept running into the "card, no cash" scenario.

Ryder Kessler, 26, said he dreamed up the gadget after watching baristas go tip less as a cashless crowd came through a cafe near his West Village home.

He told the New York Post, â??Everyone was paying with credit or debit, so the tips had plummeted,â?? Kessler said. â??Baristas take really great care of me, and I didnâ??t like that they were working just as hard and making less money.â??

It's a simple concept. Tipsters simply dip their credit or debit card into the jar...and a pre-determined amount, usually a dollar, is automatically deducted from their account.

So have been mixed. According to the Post article, some of those on the receiving end aren't convinced people have warmed up to the idea just yet.

â??I get a check for, like, six dollars every two weeks,â?? said one barista told the Post.

â??Either people arenâ??t using it or DipJar is stealing our kit. I think people just donâ??t notice it.â??

Others think the idea is the perfect solution to the problem.

â??At first, I couldnâ??t tip, but I saw it and I thought it was pretty cool. I hope that a lot of places put it in because I donâ??t carry cash and I want to tip people.â?? Elana Treimanis, 24, a Web developer told the New York Post.

Would you use and "Electronic Tip Jar"? Just "dip and tip"? Or is cold hard cash still the way to go?