November's weather is a free-for-all

November is transition month when it comes to weather. You can have severe weather or snow. This week, a large area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere provided us with chilly temperatures and Lake Effect snow. Some spots around Lake Erie and Michigan saw 6 to 12 inches of snow at least. We were sandwiched in between.

I remember two Novembers ago, we had a hard freeze, and most of the leaves on the ground stuck to it. I believe three years ago we had a fairly big snowstorm just after Thanksgiving. So you never know....

This morning we dropped to 18 degrees, the second time we've done that this week. However, expect a slight rebound with the temperatures by the second part of the weekend. Thanksgiving, as it stands now, looks dry and cool with highs around 40.

If you want to find out about road conditions, call these numbers...

IN OHIO...1-888-264-7623.

IN MICHIGAN ...1-800-381-8477.