On the trail...

This is what my baby looks like!

Hello friends!

I never thought I would enjoy biking so much. It was the element of the triathlon that I didn't spend a lot of time worrying about.

The swim I knew would be my biggest challenge and the run I figured would come easiest for me (though by this time in the race I figured I'd be pretty worn out). The bike was something I assumed I could do. You know, like the old phrase... "it's like riding a bike!"

Well, I was right, riding a bike didn't pose a big challenge for me... although of course the test here is being able to ride fast and over a long distance. But what I really underestimated was the impact riding would have on me.

I absolutely love taking my bike to the Wabash trail. It's a beautiful little area and I just enjoy cruising through nature. I've seen deer, groundhogs, rabbits and roosters (yes, there's a home with chickens and roosters on the trail).

The animals I love seeing most on the trail though are the birds. My new favorite thing is riding up on a bird that's sitting on the path and then try to keep up with it as it flies away. Of course, I never can, but biking is amazingly like flying sometimes!

My boyfriend just got a new (old) bike. It's a nifty little classic Schwinn. So now we'll be out riding all the time. Are there any Metroparks or trails that you suggest we check out?

Let me know!