Our promise to you as we enter severe weather season

As we enter late April and push into May, we will enter what is traditionally severe weather season in NW Ohio and SE Michigan.

And as we open that door...we want to give you a rundown of how we will handle our coverage of severe weather events here at WNWO.

First...we'll try our best to always give you a "heads up" well ahead of time. Preferably a day or two.

Granted, this won't always happen. Severe weather can certainly crop up without notice. But when it starts to look like the possibility will be there, we will tell you.

You have work, school, business and recreational things you have to plan around the weather. And the sooner we can give you a heads up, the sooner you will be able to shift and adjust your plans.

Secondly, when severe weather watches are issued, we will use all of our available resources to let you know. Our broadcast channels, website, social media and mobile platforms will let you know that severe weather is possible. It's up to you to monitor those sources...or download and set up the appropriate that you'll know severe weather is indeed possible.

We won't badger you with that information, but we will repeat it on occasion to make sure everyone is properly informed.

Thirdly...once severe weather is underway and occurring, we will be judicious with your time when we can. This is where our Meteorologists are given some leeway by our management.

If a particular severe weather event warrants "wall-to-wall" coverage...that's what we'll do. And we'll ask for your patience and understanding if said weather event isn't directly effecting you at the time.

I've said many times...if the big storm of the day was headed toward your home, you would expect us to be on the air and telling you about it. Please...extend that same courtesy to your neighbors in surrounding counties.

If, however, the situation can be covered by the "weather crawl" at the top of the screen, or a quick "cut-in" to programming...then that's what we'll do. No more or no less.

What we won't do is engage in a game of "let's see who will blink first" with other media outlets. I may be a "Weather Geek" by trade...but I'm also a television consumer. I don't like for my time to be wasted by unwarranted extended I know you likely don't either.

We also realize that comes with some extended trust on your part...that we'll be there when it really, truly matters.

And you have our promise that we will be.

Provided below are links to our many outlets for weather information. I hope you'll take the time to "like" and "follow" them.

And I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask the question: "Have you bought your family a NOAA Weather Radio yet???"