Owens and TPS partner to help kids in academic trouble

Kids get a helping hand from Owens College

Owens College will be partnering with Toledo Public Schools this year to welcome 40 students into the new Gateway to College program. The Gateway project is for young adults from the ages of 16 to 20 years of age who have dropped out of High School or are unlikely to graduate.

The program allows the students to complete their high school diploma requirements while earning college credits. Owens College is the only academic institution to offer a program like this in Ohio. Today the students got some motivation from James Jackson who is the lead resource specialist for the Gateway Project.

He talked to the young adults about how important it is to stay focused. He told us â??If I could leave the students with one thing it would be that they have the ability to be responsible and take control of their lives.â?? He talks about this in the following interview.