Primary decision

It appears I will have to eat my words about the primary election process -- at least half of my words.

Back in January I complained that Ohio would apparently have little to say about the political party nominees because our vote was so late. At that time it looked as though states such as Iowa and New Hampshire would dictate their unrepresentative taste in candidates to the rest of the nation. I was at least half wrong.

Ohio has reverted to its status as kingmaker (or queenmaker) once again, at least in the Democratic primary. Republican John McCain already has his nomination locked up -- barring a Huckabee "miracle".

Buckeye voters should be pleased that the nation has been focused on our issues for the past few weeks. The dislocation of manufacturing jobs and the impact of the mortgage crisis both merit this attention. Last week's debate in Cleveland garnered the largest audience of any debate so far. And judging by today's turnout, local Democratic voters, at least, are engaged and excited by the process.

NBC24 is ready to report the results as soon as they begin flowing in this evening. I hope you'll join us.