Ride of a lifetime

A day of firsts. This was the first day I got to walk on the tundra, and it TMs also the first time I TMve been able to ride in a helicopter. Ever. For the most part, it was a smooth half-hour ride to a bear den. I have to say walking on the tundra, at least where I was, was like walking on a sponge. The surface is made up of a mossy substance called lichen. Some berries grow close to the ground as well. I even got my pants stained as I was getting shots. The bear cave itself is fairly uneventful. There TMs room enough for a mother and a few cubs.

I got some neat aerial shots above Churchill itself along with the several rivers running through the region. The pilot joked he wanted to do a Hammerhead. I guess that TMs some crazy helicopter maneuver involving flying all over the place at zero G. Thank god he didn TMt. I did get to fly Shotgun on the way back. That means sitting in the front, along side the pilot.

The plan is to do one more live remote this evening. We TMre hoping to show everyone a bear basement. This is an area where a bear can practically walk up to you. Scientists use it to study whisker patterns. Should be interesting.

Tomorrow is the last day of the trip. I TMll have a recap soon along with my thoughts about what I TMve done.

See ya soon.