We're all pigs

The "Pig List" is out. And we're on it.

The Pig List is compiled by Citizens Against Government Waste. And it lists the "pork barrel" projects funded by the federal government at the behest of members of Congress. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur has racked up more than $40-million in government expenditures as set-asides for her district.

Now, many will applaud Rep. Kaptur's efforts on behalf of her constituents. But when every influential member of Congress does the same thing, the budget grows out of control and we all are saddled with the bill. This is now business as usual on Capitol Hill. The Democrats promised to stop it when they won majorities two years ago, but now they spend more than the Republicans.

To give you some idea of Rep. Kaptur's pet projects here is a quote from her district's entry in the Pig List: "...$845,043 for the Center for Innovative Food Technology (one of the Center TMs projects, agritourism, is when the public visits a working farm, ranch, winery or any other type of agricultural operation for enjoyment, education, outdoor activities, shopping or dining. You experience agritourism when you go to a corn maze, watch cider being pressed, pick your own apples, and take the kids to pick out their own pumpkin or shop at a farm stand.)

I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of my money and your money to encourage visits to corn mazes. Even when they're here in Northwest Ohio.