Wing Week: JJ's Asian Chicken Chunks

This Asian Chicken Chunk recipe will bring a spicy zing to your March Madness watch party.

WNWO Today is counting down to the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game with Wing Week, April 2-8. The morning news team will share their recipes, but we want yours as well! Email to share your recipes and we'll post them on all this week.

JJ's Asian Chicken Chunks

3 lbs. The Anderson's Breaded Chicken Chunks

Deep Fry until golden brown

Melt & Whisk & Blend in large pan/pot:

1 oz Chopped Ginger - browned

3 oz Chopped Garlic - browned

1 lb. Butter - Melt

7.5 oz Hoisin Sauce

6 oz Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

4 oz Clover Honey

4 oz Franks Red Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce

Cayenne Pepper to taste

Put fried chicken in large bowl

Pour steaming hot sauce over chicken and stir - coating all surfaces

Garnish with Sesame Seed, Chopped Cilantro and Sliced Scallions

Serve & enjoy - may want to use Ranch Salad Dressing for dipping sauce depending on the heat