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      Wing Week: RedHot Kickin?? BBQ wings

      FRANK's RedHot Kickin' BBQ sauce gives wings a nice, spicy kick.
      WNWO Today is counting down to the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game with Wing Week, April 2-8. The morning news team will share their recipes, but we want yours as well! Email jcook@wnwo.com to share your recipes and we'll post them on NorthwestOhio.com all this week.

      RedHot Kickin?? BBQ wings

      2.5 lb package of Tyson all natural chicken wings1 tbsp. salt1 tsp. pepper3/4-1 cup FRANK'S RedHot Kickin' BBQ Sauce

      Season the chicken wings with salt and pepper. Grill for 20-25 minutes, turning often. You can also bake wings in foil-lined pan at 500 degrees on lowest oven rack for 20-25 minutes until crispy, turning once.

      Drizzle sauce over wings and toss. Serves 6-8. Enjoy!