WNWO Today learns the diverse benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy has more benefit to you than being just a simple luxury. The health benefits are the reason that doctors and chiropractors are prescribing it for their patients more and more.

Today, the staff of WNWO Today learned more about massage therapy from Karen Geer, a licensed massage therapist at Heartfelt Healing Hands in Sylvania. As she shares, massage and therapeutic touch affects every muscle, tissue and nerve ending in the body. It is a natural therapy that is less invasive in treating the body. Instead of the side effects you might experience when using prescription drugs, stimulants or cigarettes, the side effects a massage offers are good, positive ones.

Some of the physical needs massage therapy provides include promoting deeper and easier breathing, promoting healthy skin, removing toxins from your body, and strengthening your immune system. Also, a massage can help in stabilizing your blood sugar levels and speeds healing after a surgery or an injury.

On the emotional side, a massage can help in relieving stress and anxiety, slowing worries, improving the clarity and creativity of your mind, satisfying the need for a nurturing touch, and also can help in easing depression. The massage can also enhance your self-esteem and improve sleep patterns.

With all of this information, it is easy to see why doctors are prescribing massages to aid their patients in overcoming a variety of physical and emotional ailments.

To learn more about massage therapy, contact Karen Geer at Heartfelt Healing Hands at 419-517-2021. And more information can be found at