Life's Better Here: Barn Owl Studio, Monroe

Barn Owl Studio 2.PNG

The rustic look is a trending style that is taking over home décor. People can get the country chic look without breaking the break bank by doing their own woodworking at Barn Owl Studio.

The Monroe store has been growing in popularity since the wooden sign craze. Owner Andrea Lechner was ahead of the fad when she started the hobby five years ago out of her home. Since then, she has hammered out the details of efficient sign design and built up her own business with a storefront in downtown Monroe.

Custom work has Andrea her making around 80 signs a week, with personalized availability to every client. Customers can shop in the store, submit requests on-line or participate in the weekly workshops to get country furnishings that speaks to them.

The workshops are a great way to get involved in a fun activity all while creating a masterpiece that customers can take pride in crafting. After deciding on a design prior to class, the two-hour workshop allows people to get involved in every aspect of the hands on project. It starts with the staining and hammering of pine wood, followed by the placement of decals and finally filling in with paint. After minimal dry time the decal is removed revealing a perfect piece of décor that is ready to be displayed anywhere!

The workshops are a fun night out for couples, friends, or even a great way to have fundraisers. Most importantly, at the end of the night everyone gets to leave with not only a memory but their very own work of art!

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