Life’s Better Here: Packer Creek Pottery


Packer Creek Pottery has been sculpting quality homeware items for 38 years. Their successes has molded them into a recognizable business in Genoa and across the country, with pieces even landing into the homes of many celebrities.

The business was started by Jan Pugh in 1979, but three years ago she retired and decided to sell the gallery to a lifelong friend and worker. At an early age, Julie Harbal knew that she wanted to be a part of Packer Creek Pottery after her first trip inside the store. At 14 years old she started working in the shop being an extra set of hands, helping out in all areas and slowly learning the trade. After working on and off at the store into her adult life, it only seemed fitting for Julie to take on her dream job when the opportunity arose.

Even after 38 years, the legacy of Jan Pugh continues to grow. In May, Julie is expanding into a second store which will be located in downtown Perrysburg on Louisiana Avenue. The thriving business continues because of the unique items, and the heart that goes into making each exquisite piece of pottery.

In a 6,000 square-foot space behind the gallery is a working art studio. Around 14 employees are on staff detailing each piece of pottery by hand. Every item starts with a piece of clay that is molded or hand thrown into its desired form. After days of sculpting, drying, firing, glazing and painting a beautiful work of art is not only displayed but ready to be used.

Everything made at Packer Creek is a functional piece. From oven safe casserole and lasagna pans, to pie dishes, platters and mugs, all items are practical and safe to use in any household. They also have wall art, and home décor with seasonal items for every holiday.

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