Life’s Better Here: Red Sky Surf & Snow

Life’s Better Here: Red Sky Surf & Snow

Embrace winter and have fun by playing in the snow! Red Sky Surf & Snow has two levels stocked with all the necessary equipment for snowboarders to ride down the slopes in style.

From winter hats to hard helmets, lined pants and ventilated coats, the first floor of the store if fully stocked with brands that are both warm and eco-friendly.

The second level has all of the hardware for getting around on the snow. It is jam-packed with trendy boots, and the latest boards and bindings for the season.

The store starts reducing their stock at the end of January with a mid-season sale and clears out their shelves in March with an end of the season sale. The deals are a way to make room for the transition into the other half of their business during the warmer months…wind surfing.

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