Life’s Better Here: Rustbelt Coffee


Living in the “Rust Belt” sector of the country has inspired a business to open in Toledo. The Rustbelt Coffee shop started just a few months with the name motivated by the hard workers of the Midwest. Their slogan is “You can do this” and the shop helps to stimulate others with their rich, full-bodied coffee to keep people going throughout the day.

The coffee house gets their roasted coffee beans from a local vender “Actual Coffee” guaranteeing fresh flavor every day. Their drip coffee is always hot and available, with no waiting for customers on the go. For customized requests, special beverages are made to order. Latte’s, espresso’s, cappuccinos, tea and multiple flavored syrups are offered to make any cup just the way the customer likes it. The coffee house creates specialty drinks for every season and once a month they feature a different coffee flavor from the surrounding rust belt area.

Rustbelt coffee also dabbles in munchies so that people can hang out for a while and take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere in their large, rustic, industrial designed space. On the menu they provide a few sandwiches and soups with pastries delivered fresh daily from Haas Bakery.

In the back of the house people can shop in the Cream Living store. Many of the items are flea market finds that are up-cycled and made new again with chalk paint. The home décor shop has unique pieces with furniture, wall decorations, and accessories. Those interested in DYI projects can participate in chalk painting classes held at Cream Living.

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