Life’s Better Here: Tamara TCM Acupuncture & Herbs


Holistic medicine is becoming a more widely used method for treating aches and pains but licensed practices are not as common to find. (Ta-mirror-a) Tamera TCM acupuncture and herbs has been in business for 5 years and is one of the areas few acupuncturists.

Tamara has always had a connection to using a balanced approach in promoting self-awareness and well-being. After working as a licensed massage therapist for eight years, Tamara decided she wanted to advance her approach to health with natural herb medicine. She moved across the country to Seattle and attended Bastyr University where she received an undergraduate and master’s degree in Science while achieving the proper licensing for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Upon completion Tamara returned home to Toledo where there was a need for natural medicine and opened her personal practice.

Tamara’s approach is to look at person as a whole and come up with a diagnosis on their specific needs in order to learn how to treat their imbalances. With hundreds of herbal concoctions there is a gateway to patient relief.

Herbal remedies are prescribed in several different forms depending on the patience’s preference. Many of the prescribed medicines are available in capsule, tincture, granule or in the purest form of the herb itself. The benefit to using natural herbs is that they can target the pain with less harmful side effects and addiction.

Besides herbs, Tamara uses other forms of TCM modalities to treat patients by practicing cupping and acupuncture. The most common form of healing at the clinic is clients seeking results from chronic pain and infertility.

In May Tamara TCM Acupuncture and Herbs will be moving its clinic from Perrysburg to downtown Maumee on Dudley Street.

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