Life’s Better Here: Transcend by Heide


Transcend by Heide will take you not only to a state of relaxation, but develop a rejuvenated self with her products and highly skilled techniques.

Heide has been around the practice of healing since early adolescence. She was inspired to share her knowledge with others after undergoing years of guidance from her grandfather.

The massage parlor uses ancient methods to target specific aches and pains. Practices of cleansing the feet and unique tools like the heated bamboo stick are applied to give a holistic experience. Since no two people are alike, each massage is developed to hit the specific needs of the client. Weather the appointment is for a leisure massage or chronic pains, transcend by Heide will have you leaving in a revitalized state of both body and mind.

All the products sold are made by Heide herself. She makes soaps, bath bombs, lotions, oils, stress relief kits, and a fix-it cream that does wonders for ongoing pains. The all natural items are created from their purest state so the body can absorb all of the benefits with each application. Outside of her standard collection of bath essentials she develops fun kits to go along with holidays throughout the changing seasons.

Heide also hosts massage and facial parties to help educate others on the ancient remedies that can be used for modern life. It’s a FREE complimentary service for people to learn about wellness and practices in order to help manage their health.

Through Valentine’s Day, transcend by Heide is giving away a special gift kit with any purchase of a massage and has half off all valentine gift sets.

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