24 Investigates: Absentee landlord has tenants living in 'uninhabitable' conditions


A group of tenants at one local apartment complex is fed up with living in what they call "uninhabitable" conditions. The tenants reached out to the NBC 24 investigate team hoping for some relief.

Left over pizza boxes, moldy potatoes and stale milk are just a few of the items left behind by a former tenant who moved out of this west Toledo Pickard drive apartment. Megan Barnhill lives just across the hall with her two young children from what she now calls an unsafe environment.

"It smells horrible as you can see when you came into the apartment. There are flies everywhere; they are flying in our house." ~ Megan Barnhill; Tenant

Barnhill tells the NBC 24 investigates team the rotting smell is only one of problems tenants have been facing. She says last week water came gushing from the washer causing the entire first floor to flood.

"Around four o'clock in the morning there was water everywhere. It looked like someone had cut the hose literally because the washer sits right near my house. You would think if you cut it would drain inside but instead it went everywhere." ~ Ashley Jones; Tenant:

Jones and Barnhill tell NBC 24 - they reached out to the landlord several times - but only got her voicemail. Without any relief from the landlord, tenants here on Pickard drive turned to Nbc 24 for help. We tracked down Joan Baily, who owns the apartment complex at 5809 Pickard Drive. Baily claims she was out of the country until Tuesday night and wasn't aware of these problems. While she wouldn't answer many of our questions, we did get a few answers. We asked if there was an 24 hour maintenance worker while she is on vacation.

"No, no I don't. I have somebody that helps me but it's not really a 24 hour emergency worker." ~ Joan Bailey; Landlord

We also asked her if she would have someone on standby where the tenants have that number to call?

"Well I should, I should it's only one person in here who has his number ">

Baily admitted the conditions in the second floor vacant apartment were bad- and started cleaning the mess. She is also willing to reimburse her tenants who spent their own money to clean up the mess.

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