Bridal Shop Controversy


Nicole Gill of Toledo claims she paid a 250 dollar hold on a wedding dress which is fifty percent of the total cost of the wedding dress at Encore Bridal Consignment shop in Bowling Green. Gill tells NBC 24 she went to encore bridal because they were a consignment shop who sold samples of designer gowns for less.

Gill says she found a dress in her five hundred dollar budget, but still wanted to shop around. She claims she had only placed a 250 dollar hold only and spoke to the owner about only placing a hold on the wedding dress. Gill canceled the hold on the bridal gown six days later and she says was told the dress was ordered for her.

"I found something else that i had liked and i wanted to get a refund and she said that wasn't possible that she had already ordered the dress from the vendor and I was like what are you talking about I was supposed to be holding the dress in the store. So she said she would call the vendor and see what she could do." ~ Nicole Gill, Encore Bridal Consignment Customer

Nbc 24 Investigates team reached out to the owner of bridal encore Lee Welling, who would not make a comment on camera but prepared this statement.

"Ms. Gill was purchasing a sample gown, the same gown that she had tried on. We were "trying" to provide a favor for Ms. Gill when she said was unable to pay the full amount at the time of her purchase. The balance was to be paid within 1 month. We offered Ms. Gill several alternative solutions. She declined them all. Encore bridal feel's we have made every effort to appease Ms. Gill and at this time it is up to her to pursue legal action. " ~ Lee Welling, Encore Bridal Consignment

Welling also ads, that gill understood the store's policies and that it was in fact a purchase not a hold on the wedding dress. She also adds, while all sales are final in her store, she did offer to pay Ms. Gill two hundred dollars back but she declined.

Gill would like at least two hundred and twenty five dollars back from Encore Bridal Consignment.

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