Bucyrus man says he paid marina owner thousands and all he got was an unfinished boat


After waiting a year and a half for his boat to be repaired by a Port Clinton company and getting nowhere a Bucyrus man turned to the NBC 24 Investigates team for help.

Eckstein says he was in the process of selling his boat in the summer of 2014, when a driver ran off the road and crashed into it. That's when he turned to the owner of Rickard Marine Service, Mike Rickard. Rickard admits he agreed to fix the problem and admits he accepted the money --up front-- for the parts.

Steven Eckstein says he paid Rickard more than $6,000, in July of 2014, but all he got was an unfinished product.

"It's just been a bad deal," says Eckstein. "I've known Mike for probably twenty years and I just don't know what happened to him." He says several months went by and his boat sat untouched.

When he and his brother George tried to question Rickard about their paid service agreement, he says, they got the "run around."

G. Eckstein, says Rickard hasn't held up his end of the deal-- making it difficult to sell his boat. "The value of the boat's going down, have to pay winter storage fees, have to get it shrink wrapped, so he's losing us money on the sale of the boat."

The Eckstein's believe because of the unfinished maintenance offers have been ridiculously low. Some, they say, are several thousand dollars less than what he and his brother think it is worth.

"I don't see how they can justify that," says Rickard.

Rickard says he completed the work, and the allegations are simply "not true". He believes the only problem that occurred is when the boat was transported to Peninsula Boat Sales and Service--making it a challenge to finish the work.

"It was their decision for me to transport it down to the storage yard without finishing installing the trim tabs," says Rickard. "As far as I'm concerned, yes, everything was paid for besides maybe I owe him some money, but for somebody to install the trim tabs after it's repaired. It's pretty much complete."

Since the NBC 24 Investigates team got involved, the owner of Rickard Marine Service has agreed to either "finish the repair or gladly turn over the parts to the Ecksteins."

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