Elevator troubles at Commodore Perry apartments

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TOLEDO -- People living in one historic downtown Toledo apartment complex have had days of elevator troubles. The main two elevators at the Commodore Perry have been out of order for nearly a week, forcing residents to use the stairs or a single freight elevator to access their apartments.

Residents tell 'NBC 24 Investigates' that the elevator troubles began on Saturday evening and by Sunday they were no longer working. Some say this isn't the first time the elevators have been broken down for a long period of time. Those we spoke to wanted to remain anonymous due to fear of retaliation by management.

"I just feel bad because there was no note and there was no nothing on the elevator so there was a lot of older people that were coming to visit and they didn't know what to do so I was like running out of the gym to tell them to go the freight elevator and I think that was broken down yesterday for some time," an anonymous Commodore Perry resident said. "It stinks because we pay so much in rent and I expect at least one of the elevators on the floor to work."

The 'NBC 24 Investigates' team reached out to management at the Commodore Perry Apartments. Their regional manager Mindy Baxter said the parts needed to repair the elevators have been ordered and were expected to be delivered Thursday afternoon. Baxter apologized for the elevator troubles and says the management company is working to fix the problem long term. Baxter says the parts for the one hundred year old elevators were hard to find.

Baxter hopes to have the elevators running by Friday.

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