Facebook post prompts restaurant health inspection

Facebook post prompts restaurant health inspection (WNWO)

A Facebook post has gone viral after a former employee of a west Toledo Frisch’s Big Boy claimed the restaurant was not following proper health code.

This inspection came about after a former employee of Frisch's Big Boy on West Alexis Road posted that this establishment "probably breaks every health and safety code in the books."

The Facebook post mentioned things like cooks do not wear gloves when handling food, strawberries were moldy and it showed pictures of what this former employee claims is how food is left inside the kitchen coolers. Officials with Lucas County Health Department say they received 47 messages after this Facebook post and they are happy the message was posted.

The report showed the restaurant had no red flags and passed today's inspection.

Frisch’s Big Boy is owned and operated by Bennett Enterprises. The company gave a written response to NBC 24 instead of appearing on camera:

“Regrettably untrue and malicious Facebook posts relating to our Alexis Road restaurant have received wide circulation. The comments were posted by a disgruntled former employee who walked off the job two or three hours prior to making her initial post after just 25 days of employ with Bennett Enterprises. The events she described did not happen. The photography posted is largely staged. Bennett Enterprises enjoys a great working relationship with each of the health department it works with. We appreciate the continued support and respect of the Lucas County Health Department. We also are grateful for our many loyal customers and employees who have been in touch with us since yesterday afternoon expressing their continued confidence.” – Rob Armstrong , Spokesman for Bennett Enterprises

The last health inspection for the West Alexis Road Frisch’s Big Boy was in March of 2016.

According to this report, the restaurant had eight violations. Restaurants like this establishment usually receive two standard inspections and two critical control point inspections each year.

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