Linked For Life: Meet Anthony Crabtree

NBC 24's Sharon Gaeta & Anthony Crabtree

In our new segment, "Linked For Life," NBC 24 will be introducing you to foster children from northwest Ohio looking for their forever homes. NBC 24 has partnered with Kids Count Too to help make these kids dreams a reality.

In this segment of Linked For Life child is an active boy who enjoys spending time outdoors.

This energetic little boy has a love for sports and making people laugh. But what he wants most is to find a permanent family to call his own.

Whether 11- year old Anthony Crabtree is telling jokes, busting out a dance move or trying to land a front flip, one thing's for sure, Anthony's personality is one you won't forget.

"I like being active and I like Call of Duty Black Ops and I like zombies," says Anthony Crabtree.

While we didn't find any zombies at Sky Zone, we did find ourselves in the middle of a dodgeball tournament. After defeating the adults in dodgeball, Anthony bounced his way through Sky Zone, playing basketball and flipping.

Anthony's confidence is just one of his many characteristic's that will help aid him with his dream job, playing in the NFL.

Anthony's capacity to bond and join a family is still very much intact. Removed from an abusive and neglectful home, Anthony has been in foster care for over two years. Behind his contagious smile and outgoing personality, he is aching for a family to call his own.

"I want them to be young. I want them to be active. I want to live on a farm and I want to have pets and I just want them to be nice and have a nice home," Said Anthony Crabtree."

Anthony is available for adoption.

If you are interested in making Anthony a permanent member of your family, you are asked to contact kids count too.

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