NBC 24 Investigates: Melrose Mess

After an elderly Toledo resident was unable to comfortably get out of her own home, she turned to NBC 24 Investigates in hopes for progress.

Betty Huggins, 82, says she has been waiting months for a response from Toledo city officials as to when they would fix the damage they did to her property. The damage came from a sewer restoration project outside her Melrose Street home in June.

The City of Toledo Sewage and Drainage Department officials confirm a sewer line was restored after a sinkhole was reported. In the process, crews dug up Huggins driveway and the sidewalk directly in front of her home.

A pile of rocks and gravel was left "untouched" for months, causing a safety hazard for Huggins when she steps outside, as well as for postmen and those trying to use the sidewalk.

"It's just a total safety hazard," Betty's son Michael Huggins said. "My mom cannot walk down the sidewalk, she can not walk out of her driveway. It's a terrible eyesore and the problem needs to be resolved."

Betty and Michael filed multiple complaints with the city, all going unheeded.

Toledo Commissioner David Pratt told NBC 24 they are aware of the complaints but were unable to give an answer on when the issue would be fixed.

Once NBC 24 contacted City of Toledo Public Information Officer Stacy Weber regarding the issue, a date was set to repair the driveway and sidewalk. According to Weber, the City of Toledo Streets Department will begin making repairs Tuesday.

NBC 24 Investigates will follow-up on any progress made and will bring you an update.

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