NBC 24 Investigates: Unattended water main break on Junction


One Toledo resident wants answers after a water main break has gone untouched.

For the past week, water has been spewing onto Junction Avenue near Nebraska, causing what south Toledo resident William Liddell Describes as a hazard. "If we don't get it fixed, the whole streets going to cave in," Liddell said. "The water was shooting so high; I thought I was at Niagara Falls."

Liddell drives over the pothole nearly every day and he doesn't understand why it has yet to be fixed. "If it doesn't get fixed right away and traffic keeps going over it, in due time the whole street's going to cave in," Liddell said.

Janet Schroeder, the Public Information Officer for the Mayor's Office, said the situation has been investigated but the water leak is on private property.

The water main break originated on the property of St. Anthony's Parish. Water would need to be shut off at the church for an extended period of time before the issue can be resolved, which is a concern. However, Schroeder said a plan is in the works and repairs are expected to be made on Monday.

City officials say they have alerted customers in the area of Junction and Nebraska about the potential for temporary disruption in their water service.

NBC 24 Investigates will be following up on repairs and will bring you an update next week.

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