Biden to talk auto rescue at Toledo Chrysler

Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden will be in Toledo on Monday talking about the Obama administration's efforts to rescue struggling automakers.

Biden is schedule to make a stop at the Chrysler Toledo Assembly Complex after spending the morning in Indianapolis. While in Toledo, Biden will join the chair of the White House Middle Class Task Force to speak about the successes seen thus far in his administration's actions to strengthen the American auto industry.

Chrysler, General Motors and suppliers will be highlighted in Biden's remarks, according to the White House. He will emphasize the role of investments made towards the automakers and their suppliers, as well as the help that has been given to return the companies to profitability, retain workers and keep plants open.

Biden's visit to Toledo's Chrysler plant will begin at 3:00 p.m. He will round out the day helping to fundraise for Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland.