Consumer Reports: steer clear of Jeep Liberty

The Jeep Liberty is on a bad list

A new list from Consumer Reports has the Toledo built Jeep Liberty on it, but it's not a good list to be on.

Consumer Reports released the top 5 cars that many buyers are considering for purchase. However it says to drive away and suggests similar vehicles that test better.

According to results from testing, the cars did not perform well or they weren't rated highly when it came to reliability.

The five cars which made the list were the Honda Civic, the Toledo built Jeep Liberty, the Toyota Prius C, the Dodge Grand Caravan and the Ford Edge (V6).

For a description of those vehicles and the alternative suggestions click here.

Production of the Jeep Liberty is scheduled to stop next week.

What is your opinion of the Jeep Liberty? I, personally, have never had a problem with the Liberty.