General Motors and UAW reach tentative deal

Local union leaders will soon be getting the details of the tentative contract agreement between the United Auto Workers and General Motors. Two people briefed on the contract talks say, if it's approved, workers would receive $5,000 signing bonuses and they could get larger profit-sharing checks. The deal also includes guarantees of more union jobs and a $2- to $3-per-hour-pay raise for entry-level workers.

The GM deal will serve as a template for contracts that still must be negotiated with Chrysler and Ford. The contract is the first since GM and Chrysler received government bailouts to make it through bankruptcy protection in 2009. The UAW and GM are not revealing details of the contract. Union President Bob King says he won't talk about them until local union leaders are briefed on the pact Tuesday in Detroit.

Workers have to approve the contract before it can take effect. A vote is expected within 10 days.

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