Jeep hopes to keep Toledo workers busy

Jeep's CEO shows off the 70th Anniversary color: bronze star.

Jeep took center stage at the North American International Auto Show late Monday afternoon.

NBC24 was in Detroit as the company's President & CEO talked about the future of the brand that means so much to Toledo.

"We've created 70th Edition Anniversary Edition models for every Jeep in the lineup," said Jeep President & CEO Mike Manley.

Vehicles celebrating Jeep's 70th year feature not just special logos but inside and outside features including a brand-new color: bronze star.

But the changes showcased Monday were not just superficial, the Jeep Compass in particular got a big makeover.

"It's trail-rated now so it can go off-road as any other Jeep can and can just get places other vehicles won't go," said Jeep Head of Product Marketing Chris Ellis.

It is obvious Jeep and its customers have a different set of priorities than some other auto makers.

"All-electric technology for Jeep with its capability may be tougher to do but its something that we continually monitor and continually look at," said Manley.

Still they say, with upgrades, they hope to keep Toledo auto workers busy.

"We don't have specific plans that I can announce to increase production any further than we do but of course we're always looking to increase sales and sell as many of these Wranglers and Libertys as we can," said Ellis.

Jeep advertised special events and promotions to celebrate its 70th anniversary but released no specific details.

The anniversary edition vehicles will be available in the first quarter and through the end of 2011.