Toledo Jeep workers give green light to Chrysler contract

Worker doing a check of a brand new Jeep Liberty / WNWO Newsfile

Unlike their union brothers and sisters at the Toledo Machining Plant, UAW workers at the Toledo North Assembly Plant have given the thumbs up to a new contract with Chrysler.

During voting Monday, UAW Local 12 members approved the contract 54% to 46%.

The four year contract calls for workers to give up annual pay raises for most and in exchange they get profit sharing and signing bonuses.

"It's not a great contract, but it's a good contract in tough economic times," UAW Local 12 President Dan Henneman told the Toledo Blade. "Mostly though it's about putting product in the plant, and I think this helps secure our plant's long-term future." UAW Local 1435 which represents the machining plant in Perrysburg rejected the contract last week.