Toledo made Jeep Liberty drives up Chrysler's sales

Toledo made Jeep Liberty sales helped rev up Chrysler sales in November / WNWO Newsfile

It was a huge November for Detroit's big three automakers. Chrysler in particular saw major gains in sales, thanks in part to Toledo Jeep.

The car maker's sales last month surged 45%, selling more than 107,000 vehicles this November, compared to 74,000 last November. Jeep sales rose 44% on strong demand for the Toledo built Jeep Liberty.

Ford saw its sales rise 13% last month, due to higher demand for its trucks and sports utility vehicles. Ford's car sales actually fell last month but sales of SUVs jumped 29% and truck sales were up 23%.

General Motors sales rose 7 % in November. GM sold 180,000 cars, trucks and SUVs last month.

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