Watch out for that deer

Keep an eye for for sweet faces like this one as you drive this fall. / johnnnnnn / Flickr

Deer-collision season has begun and the Ohio Department of Transportation wants people to be aware of the dangers of having a vehicle collision with a deer.

According to ODOT, in 2010, there were 23,201 deer-vehicle crashes statewide with 1,063 people injured and four people killed. Many deer collisions go unreported so the actual number of collisions could be closer to 60,000.

Counties In Northwest Ohio with the highest number of deer-vehicle crashes are Williams County with 528 crashes, the Wood County with 381 and Lucas County with 339. ODOT has released a list of driving tips to help avoid collisions with deer. First, watch for deer-crossing signs and drive with extreme caution, because these are areas deer have been hit before. If you see one deer in the road expect more to follow. Keep your eyes pealed during sunrise and sunset, that's when deer are most active. Of course always remember to wear your seatbelt and drive at safe speeds. Theresa Pollick is a Public Information Officer at ODOT and saftey is her main concern. "We jsut want people to have a higher sense of awareness in case they do encounter a deer," Pollick says. If you have a collision with a deer be sure to pull off to the side of the road and report the accident to law enforcement even if there is no damage to your vehicle. Have you ever hit a deer? Did it wreck your car? Where in Northwest Ohio have you seen lots of deer? Let the rest of our viewers know down below...