Emotions, voices run high at Rossford schools levy meeting

The Rossford community is split over the upcoming levy vote.

One yard sign says vote "yes" for the 5.99 mill levy to build new schools while the next says "no."

Wednesday night at the school board meeting the debate was front and center as emotions and voices reached high levels.

"They are filled with a lot of emotion but they're really not presenting any facts," said Tiffany Densic, a member of the coalition against the levy.

But those for he levy say their concern is valid.

"The (Rossford schools) just weren't up to par for the education that I was looking for for my kids," said Carolyn Vliet, who is for the school levy.

These folks say something needs to be done now to make a positive impact on the community.

"The Rossford school facilities are beyond repair," said Vliet. "And we really need to get new schools for our town to grow our town, for our house values to go back up we need the new facilities."

But those against the levy argue everything is being rushed.

"We'd really just like to investigate what it is we really need," said Densic. "We have not done a needs assessment to find exactly what we have a problem with."

Still the coalition against the levy wants to make one thing clear...

"We're not against the schools. We're for the schools, we're for the students. We just feel there's a better time, a better plan and a better way," said Densic.

But those for it say later may be too late.

"A lot of people who are voting no, they're still living in the past. They're living in the past. And it's great to have the past but we need to look to the future," said Vliet.

Part of the main argument is whether it would be smarter to renovate old schools or tear them down and start all over again.

Voters will decide November 2nd.