Protestors expand beyond NYC, 'Occupy' Toledo

Police were visable at Occupy Toledo Rally / Tim Wening

Protestors of "Occupy Wall Street have now brought their movement, opposing corporate greed, into the City of Toledo under the name "Occupy Toledo".

One protestor shouted We are the 99! We are the 99! We are the 99!" as she made her way through the crowd of around 100 gathered in Levis Square Downtown around noon Monday.

Many of those involved in the protest say that the laws and policies of the U.S. are influenced by big business and the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.

I know America understands frustration and the fact that Washington is not getting the job done. They understand the unemployment, the joblessness. They understand the richer are getting richer and the poorer aren TMt getting any better, Protestor Diane Brown said.

Not all participants were focused on Wall Street or Washington D.C., some held signs opposing Issue 2, others were there to make sure the advantages they had will still be around for their children.

In my opinion, not a whole lot is going to happen|we can TMt stop [greed] but it will ease my conscience a little bit that I did what small part I could, protestor Sean Enriquez said.

Police were both on the ground, and on rooftops, around the protest to make sure the situation remained peaceful.

Earlier this month, protesters in New York set out to march across the Brooklyn Bridge and according to the New York Times more than 700 arrests were made.